Who we are

Who could have guessed back in 2002, when Centho first opened its doors, that you would now find Centho chocolates on the pillows of the Ritz in London, at Ascot Racecourse or in Mitsukoshi, Japan’s most venerable department store? The company name “Centho” is a contraction of the two first names closest to Geert’s and Els’s, hearts: their children Centa and Thomas.

World champion!

The ultimate award came in 2013 however, when Geert won a gold medal at the “World Chocolate Awards” with his Caramel-Salin chocolate. An accolade never before bestowed on a Belgian chocolate. Comparable to winning gold at the Olympics!

Best Belgian chocolate

The Fragola was nominated the best Belgian chocolate in 2012. It consists of a thin layer of wild strawberries, finished with a ganache of Madagascar origin chocolate and tangerine zest.


One word says it all. The chocolate we use comes from a specific region. The unique taste of each chocolate is the result of a special environment, of the soil and climate in which the cocoa grows. Add to this a method of drying and fermenting the beans that is specific to each region and you obtain a clearly identifiable taste for each origin chocolate.

Original to the last layer..

With refined precision Centho time and again chooses precious ingredients that raise each chocolate above all others. And that is exactly why we choose to cover our chocolates with a unique cocoa. The Macondo (60%) from Colombia, with its strong defined character, notes of vanilla and pepper, combined with bitter touches and subtle sweetness, is processed into couverture chocolate according to local traditional craftsmanship. This, too, is Centhology.

Geert Decoster

Geert Decoster spent six years at the Elishout School in Brussels, laying the foundations for his knowledge of chocolate. Next, he went to refine that knowledge in France at the renowned “Ecole de Bellouet” before engrossing himself in the technical aspects of chocolate at “Jean-Pierre Richart”, a master chocolatier. But also in Belgium he keeps on training, to keep up to speed on the latest trends.