An 8mm thick, 3x2cm morsel of caramel, coated with an ultra-fine layer of chocolate and a sprinkling of sea salt on top. That’s the secret Centho Chocolates’ weapon.

For years we have been experimenting before ending up with our dream: softly set caramel. Solid enough to work with, yet unctuous in texture. The slower you cook the sugar, mixed with cream and butter, the more liquid escapes and the dryer your substance will be; so the textbooks will tell you. Until, at a certain temperature, something magical happens: the mash stabilises and you end up with the perfect marshmallow.

This is how it got its blocky shape. ‘Warm, sweet caramel with a subtle salty finish’, reads the Salin label. The gem promptly earned Centho a gold medal at the International Chocolate Awards in London, the annual Valhalla of chocolatiers the world over. The jury was amazed that Decoster had managed to cut the caramel into little chunks and dunk them into a bath of chocolate. In ordinary chocolates, the process is reversed, so the caramel is poured into a relatively thick chocolate case. ‘Our chocolates create a completely different taste sensation. Centho Chocolates sells filling with chocolate, not chocolate with filling.’